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    John Bannerman's Whisky 750ml

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     WHAT IS JOHN BANNERMANS BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY? Bannermans is a very old Scottish name; The ‘banner man’ was the king’s standard-bearer and they had the honour of carrying his flag into...

    Bertrams VO Brandy 750ml

    R 219.99
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    WHAT IS BERTRAMS VO BRANDY? Twice distilled in copper pots, slowly matured and infused with the richness of French oak, Bertrams VO™ is the most accomplished of brandies. It is...

    Tommy Ballard Whiskey 750ml

    R 289.99
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    WHAT IS TOMMY BALLARDS? Tommy Ballards is an exceptionally smooth and characterful Irish Whiskey distilled, matured, and blended in Ireland for Ballard Brothers & Co of West Cork. Ballards is...

    Naked Malt Whisky 750ml

    R 479.99
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    WHAT IS NAKED MALT WHISKY? Naked Malt is a blend of the world’s finest single malts, extra matured for six months in “naked” first-fill Oloroso sherry casks. This process adds...

    Aviation Gin 750ml

    R 639.99
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    WHAT IS AVIATION GIN? Batch distilled in Portland, Aviation is America’s original craft gin. Aviation is created by the first bartender-distiller partnership with a vision for a versatile and mixable...

    Shanky's Whip 750ml

    R 399.99
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      Shanky’s Whip is a Black Irish Whiskey Shanky’s Whip is a Black Irish Whiskey rested in deep-charred oak barrels which creates a smooth creamy tasting whisky that is black...

    Sexton Single Malt 750ml

    R 799.99
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    WHAT IS SEXTON SINGLE MALT? Sexton Irish Whiskey is a new and unexpected single malt for every man. Rich in hue, approachable in taste, and memorable in character, Sexton is...

    Dunville's 1808 750ml 43%

    R 599.99
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    Don Papa Aged Rum 750ml

    R 649.99
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    WHAT IS DON PAPA AGED RUM? Don Papa is a premium, single-island aged rum, from the Philippines - a modern alternative for single malt & cognac drinkers. Don Papa is...

    Gladstone Axe The Black Axe 750ml

    R 364.99
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    South Africa is a large whisky market, and premium whisky drinkers are increasingly looking for alternatives to the traditional choices – so we’re seeing lots of interest in Japanese Whisky,...

    Squadron Dark Rum 750ml

    R 214.99
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    WHAT IS SQUADRON DARK RUM? Squadron Dark Rum is made from imported Jamaican rum that is blended to perfection with the finest local spirits to produce a rum that is...

    Tamnavulin Double Cask 750ml

    R 529.99
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    Rich, smooth and refreshing, a signature Speyside malt whisky.

    Jura Journey Malt 750ml

    R 530.00
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    This perfect marriage of Jura and hand selected American white oak ex bourbon casks results in notes of creamy vanilla, pecan pie and a touch of soft cinnamon and fresh pear. The ideal starting place...

    Dunville's PX 10YO 750ml 46%

    R 1,499.99
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    Is the return of an icon. This legendary whiskey has once again taken its rightful place among the premier whiskeys of the world. NOSE: Apricots, grapefruit and toasted almonds open up to green...

    Highland Park 12YO 750ml

    R 899.99
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    WHAT IS HIGHLAND PARK 12YO? The Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul. Yes, Orkney is part of Scotland now, but rewind the tape a few centuries and you’re looking at...

    The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey 750ml

    R 599.99
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    The Legendary Irish Whiskey The original Silkie Irish Whiskey has a character as rich as the mythical tales that inspired it. A blend of double and triple distilled malts, soft...

    Jura Seven Wood 750ml

    R 885.00
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    A fruity & spicy single malt for savouring. Layers of complexity and flavour emerge from a maturation journey that begins in American White Oak ex bourbon casks before a portion of the whisky is split between...

    Jura 10YO 750ml

    R 599.00
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    Crafted in exceptionally tall stills and matured for 10 years in America White Oak ex bourbon-barrels. Enhanced by finishing in the finest aged Oloroso Sherry asks from Jerez, Spain. A sweet, smooth whisky with flavours of rich...

    John Barr Reserve Whisky 750ml

    R 299.99
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     John Barr Reserve Blend unites Highland malt and grain whiskies, for structure and richness, and Speyside varieties, for a mellow finish. Each component whisky is carefully selected and expertly blended...

    Highland Park 18YO 750ml

    R 2,999.99
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    WHAT IS HIGHLAND PARK 18YO? The Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul. Driven by our Viking soul, the whisky we make is the product of our battle for balance, our...

    Glenbrynth Double Matured Bourdon Cask Single Malt 750ml

    R 549.99
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    A Limited Edition double -matured single malt, first maturated in a virgin oak cask with a final maturation in re-fill bourbon casks. ABV 43%

    Montego Rum 750ml

    R 214.99
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    WHAT IS MONTEGO RUM? Montego rum is a dark rum made from a blend of imported Caribbean and local rum. Distilled using a continuous still, Montego rum is then matured...

    Kraken Black Spiced Rum 750ml

    R 529.99
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    WHAT IS KRAKEN BLACK SPICED RUM? The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is named for a sea beast of myth and legend, said to have brought down the world’s largest shipment...

    Jura 12YO 750ml

    R 695.00
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    Jura Whisky at its most intense and muscular. Bourbon cask maturation and an aged oloroso sherry finish produce a honeyed sweetness that offers notes of warm spice, banana, soft citrus and a finish of freshly ground...

    Glenbrynth Blended Malt 12YO 750ml

    R 999.99
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    A blended malt 12-year-old whisky with a rich, fragrant and fruity nose, typical Highland character. ABV 43%

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